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John Gallagher®
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John Gallagher®
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Our Clients

Ralph Lauren.png

"While John has always been an amazing partner in perfecting our fit, I had no idea how important his expertise and knowledge would become until we were hit with the Covid 19 Pandemic. As a technical person, it is challenging to not be able to touch our samples and see things in person, but because John knows our products so well and has so many years of fit experience, we are able to continue our business trusting that John is able to be our eyes."

- Lisa Anderson | Director of Denim

Technical Design

Todd Snyder.png

"I have worked with John Gallagher for the past 25 years while I worked at The Gap, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. He’s been my right hand when it comes to perfecting fit and making big decisions.  John goes above and beyond just being a fit model and offers expert advice in pattern corrections.  He has been instrumental in building my brand."

- Todd Snyder | Founder & Designer


"John is the most experienced and adept fit model that I've had the pleasure of working with. He’s a technical designer and a vocal consumer packaged in a perfect size Medium."

- Oliver Helden | Senior Director of

Technical Design

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