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Meet the Founder

John Gallagher®

Considered the most in-demand Fit Model in New York by the New York Times, John Gallagher is the premier leading Fit Model and Fashion Consultant in North America. With over 25 years of experience, working for over 100 brands and top designers including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Snyder, and more.

"My exposure to the entire business from behind the scenes from the best of the best was a huge contribution to the knowledge I have to share today."

His experience across all product categories, price points, target audiences, design intent, and exposure to hundreds of design rooms, merchants, vendors, and factories internationally, as well as, the integration of the humanized Alvanon® John Gallagher® Signature Series AlvaForm® and the Alvanon® John Gallagher® 3D Virtual AlvaForm®, in collaboration with John Gallagher, has contributed to billions of dollars in retail sales, notable increases in sell-through rates, lower return rates, increases in speed-to-market, and the reduction of samples needed to get to a final and approved pre-production prototype, making John a critical extension to your design team.

"Now, more than ever, it is important to get fit right and the best of companies take it very seriously."

John is the voice of your customer and provides the confidence and certainty needed before investing millions of dollars in production.

"When companies are against the clock and they're worried about missing their capacity position at the factory because they have to make sure the fit is right, they don't want to guess or hope, they want to know.  I think what I bring to the table is that certainty."

John offers Virtual Fit Sessions, Live Fit Sessions, Wear Testing, customizable Alvanon Signature Series AlvaForms, and 3D Virtual AlvaForms to help with every step of your design process from concept to production.

For more information, we invite you to book a free consultation with John Gallagher today or read more about how these services can support your design process.

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