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Ralph Lauren

Lisa Anderson | Director of Denim Technical Design

"I have been working with John for the 6 years I have been at Ralph Lauren. While he has always been an amazing partner in perfecting our fit, I had no idea how important his expertise and knowledge would become until we were hit with the Covid 19 Pandemic. Without missing a beat, John and our team were able to create and shift to a virtual platform in order to continue business as "usual". John has gone above and beyond to help us successfully implement our new ways of working. With his technical skills and years of fit experience, he is able to assist us in measuring, preparing samples, evaluating fit, and maintaining our standards. As a technical person, it is challenging to not be able to touch our samples and see things in person, but because John knows our products so well and has so many years of fit experience, we are able to continue our business trusting that John is able to be our eyes. I would recommend John to anyone in the industry who is looking for a perfect Mens Medium who wants to create a fit that will work for the majority of body types. He understands product and gives actionable feedback that isn't always apparent by sight alone. He is always flexible and willing to help in whatever capacity is needed to help you get the job done. We all consider John an integral part of our team and are thankful for his partnership."

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Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder | Founder & Designer

"I have worked with John Gallagher for the past 25 years while I worked at The Gap, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. He’s been my right hand when it comes to perfecting fit and making big decisions.  John goes above and beyond just being a fit model and offers expert advice in pattern corrections.  He has been instrumental in building my brand."

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Todd Snyder

Courtney Noumair | Apparel Technical Design & Product Development Specialist

"Thank you John for filling a need! I've been working with NYC fit models (Men, Women, Kids, Plus sizes) for 25+ years and John is easily one of the best. John comes to the table not only with a perfectly balanced body that happens to be the ideal fit size for men, he contributes his wealth of knowledge to the wide range of product categories ie: Denim, Knits, Woven, Sweaters, Suiting, etc. John is a valuable add to the dynamics during a fit session, capable of speaking clearly to how he feels in garments with a technical insight, observation towards construction and ideas to enhance, fabric quality as it relates to the silhouette and thoughts towards the end use. I've been partnering with John in this capacity weekly for the past 3 years (yet, have had the privilege of knowing him much longer). When the world shifted quickly and dramatically due to Covid-19 John made a critical move, he launched THE CRITICAL FIT...and did not miss a beat! We adjusted to weekly video conference fittings and because of John's excellent communication, professionalism, organization, and flexibility we have been just as productive as when we fit in person at the office. Perhaps we're even more productive, seeing as John now never gets caught up by clients begging for 5 more minutes (I'm guilty) or on a slow subway ride traveling from an uptown client to a downtown client. ;) Cheers to the future John and Thank You for being at the forefront of effective change!!"



Oliver Helden | Senior Director of Technical Design

"John is the most experienced and adept fit model that I've had the pleasure of working with. He’s been the industry standard for years. Knowing that something fits his body, gives me the confidence that it will fit customers who wear most major men's brands. Aside from perfect medium measurements and proportions, something that John provides, that most fit models can’t, are his vast technical skills. Over the years John has acquired a wealth of fit knowledge, whether it's based in textile performance or construction methods, or pattern making, or consumer insight; John always has a helpful perspective and is a partner- not just in fitting the garment, but in contributing helpful suggestions. This sounds like a lot of hyperbole, but he delivers. He’s a technical designer and a vocal consumer packaged in a perfect size Medium."

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Ian Velardi | Founder / Creative Director

"I have had the pleasure of working with John for 8 years across all product categories and he defines what it means to be a professional.  John is the absolute best in the business, and his knowledge and experience come with an impressive track record.  John is a pure product person and his passion for the product is evident in every fitting.  He takes tremendous pride in his work and never cuts corners.  He always goes the extra step to ensure the greatest results.  I’m constantly impressed by John’s meticulous attention to detail, his keen understanding of the product creation process and the industry as a whole.  I’m  always learning from John, he is a wealth of knowledge and a teacher.  He has a great pulse on what’s happening in the market and always brings his fresh perspective.  You know John is always going to show up with a positive attitude and smile on his face - I feel lucky to work with John.  He brings a level of confidence and quality to the process that is unmatched."

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Jean Shop

Eric Goldstein | Founding Partner

"I have been working with John for well over 20 years. He is the best in the industry a true gentleman and a wealth of knowledge. It’s amazing how he pivoted into Zoom fittings, he mastered it in no time, helping brands thru the process flawlessly."

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