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Guiding your design intent efficiently and effectively for fit, function, and performance

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Introductory Consultation

We get to know your brand identity, target customer, and goals, and show you how we can help.

Time: 30 minutes

Virtual Fit Session.jpg

Virtual Fit Meeting

Send your garments to us and we’ll do a Virtual Fit Meeting via video conference to assess all the details you need to get to the next step of your garment approval process.

Include all the critical members of your design and production team, locally and internationally, from the comfort of their homes, safely and without the limitation of distance.


  • Receiving shipments

  • Scanning tech packs

  • Steaming, pressing, preparation of garments for Fit Meeting

  • Verification of garment specifications (upon request)

  • Coordination with Tech Design Team to create a sample priority fit list

  • Photography of samples (front, back and side)

  • Packaging and shipping * (client cost)


Approximately 10 garments / hour (category dependent)

Approximately 1-2 hours of pre/post meeting preparation for every booked hour

wear & wash test.jpeg

Wear & Wash Test

Have us wear test your garment for 8-12 hours of real daily wear and wash test it according to your care labels.

We’ll tell you how it fits, feels, performs,  and whether or not it does what you intended.


  • Receiving shipments

  • Real-world wear test for 8-12 hours over two days

  • Wash test

  • Garment analysis for fit, fabric performance, and function

  • Recommendations on changes including photography if needed

  • Packaging and Shipping * (client cost)


Specific to the garment category and test requirements.

Contact us to inquire further.


Alvanon® John Gallagher®
Signature Series AlvaForm®

Reduce your approval times and sample requirements in half by ensuring your vendors and merchants have Alvanon® John Gallagher® Signature Series AlvaForm® at the factory level.

Based on his body scan, the Alvanon® John Gallagher® Signature Series AlvaForm® offers your vendors, merchants, design and tech teams an industry standardized, proportionally accurate mannequin to work off of at every stage of the design process.

You can also customize the Alvanon® John Gallagher® Signature Series AlvaForm® to best meet your desired brand specifications.

Find out more information about Alvanon's products on Alvanon's website:

Contact us to request more info.

John's avatar.jpeg

Alvanon® John Gallagher® 3D Virtual AlvaForm®

With the advent and rising popularity of design and manufacturing software, reduce your sample count, increase speed-to-market and make your brand more sustainable by eliminating the costs of early stage design using 3D garment simulation systems based off of John Gallagher’s industry standard and proven specifications.

Compatible with the following Fashion Design Software: 

Clo - Browzwear - Optitex - Shima Seiki - Toray ACS - tg3d studio - Assyst - Gerber Technology - FNX - LECTRA

Find out more information about Alvanon's products on Alvanon's website:

Contact us for more information. 

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